The Essence of Travel, 旅のこと

Journal writing is not my favorite activity in the world by a long shot. In fact, I absolutely detest writing journals, and often they degrade into the mundane or ranting about journals.

However, I do like travel and writing about the destinations that have touched me. Showing or guiding people to destinations I've personally experienced is a pleasure. It started back in 2002 the first two times I did the classic "first day in Tokyo". I improved upon it. It was a harsh and tiring first day. A friend of mine dubbed it the Tokyo Death March. I've gone on other "death marches" of long, arduous days, but it's not about how tired you are, but finding routes and destinations to give you the best feel and emotion for a region.

I'm hoping to actually accomplish more destinations on this domain. The hardest part is to organize pictures, and find time to do the writing. Hopefully, I can introduce more people to destinations and they can share their own experiences and destinations with me.

But not quite yet... Let's get settled in and actually writing content first.