Privacy Policy

I am a strong believer in both the concepts of the "Open Web" and valuing my own personal privacy. I have been writing content and developing on the internet since 1996. The following is a statement about content, private and personal data on as well as any domain refered to as "this web site".

Content on and are intended as a personal, non-commercial web site including content such as images, text and geographic data about destinations and places that I find interesting and relevant. I want to provide functionality to let visitors contribute content such as commentary or even user-related content. All content is publicly-available on the web to both human and non-human actors (e.g. Google search,

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a useful tool for web site owners to aggregate demographic, page and link tracking for visitors. I use Google Analytics in the following ways:

  • as a means to understand from where and how a visitor accesses the content on this site such as browser, operating system, approximate geolocation, links to content
  • so that I can satisfy my curiosity in a "Oh, cool" sense
  • and as research so that I can improve the functionality of web sites that I work on including this web site such as by fixing bugs, changing layout, and adding/removing functionality.
  • but I do not share this data with any third-party company for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.

Your Personal Data

Personal Data

Information that may be automatically collected with your opt-in

  • Cookies that are created by software required for site functionality.
  • Cookies that are created by Google Analytics that may be attributed to you. This data is anonymized, but still processed by Google. Analytics data on this web site is anonymized by Google. Please read Google Analytics Terms of Use and the page "How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services" for more information.
  • IP Address that is required for site functionality and not disclosed.
  • Anonymized data about your visit to an individual page processed (i.e stored) on this web site only.

Information that you may provide me with your opt-in

  • Personal data that you provide when creating content and displayed publicly.
  • Personal data that you provide when creating content that is not displayed publicly, but required for site functionality.
  • Personal data that you provide when communicating pausing or deletion of your personal data.

Internal Personal Data Usage

I will never disclose or use non-publicly accessible personal data that is required for this web site for commercial or marketing purposes. Processed personal data (i.e. stored) may be accessed by Kosada, Inc as part of legal or technical audits required as a web site host.

Public Personal Data Usage

I am not responsible for any accidental disclosure of personal data (yours or any other person) in content that you contribute to this web site. I recommend to limit the personal data in your content. The web works because we are open with what we share and create.

Personal Data Removal

I will redact any accidental disclosure of personal data in content that you publish upon email request to mradcliffe at, but please be aware that it is not feasible or possible for an individual (or corporation) to remove web content as this content may be processed (i.e. stored) and archived by any human or non-human using internet communication.

You may contact my web host for information or to pause or remove identifiable personal data that is stored as part of internet communications.

You may contact Google for information or to pause or remove identifiable personal data that is stored as part of Google Analytics.

I may remove your content at a future time with the intention of removing spam or content that violates U.S. law but not to exclude any other reason.

Thank you for reading and understanding.