It seems like all you do is update...

Oh, hey, an updated site. Any new content? No... Darn.

In other news, I was kind of sick of how things were looking and I needed to update the site before the next version of Drupal came out anyway. So time for a new look and feel. It's responsive.

In travel-related news, I actually traveled to some far-flung locations such as Germany... Yep, that's it. Disneyland isn't so far-flung, but I guess that counts as travel.

I made a goal of not posting destinations for locations that did not have any special meaning or that I was not too familiar with. However there is no place that you can be intimately familiar with for very long. The world, people, and culture change. Sometimes it looks familiar, and at other times it is radically different. And each traveler experiences a destination in an unique way. I am also interested in these similarities and differences that travelers experience - particularly in subject matter I'm familiar with (Japan).

So long. I'll try not to be a stranger this year.