Mo Mo Paradise, All You Can Eat Sukiyaki

Now this is a restaurant that I know well in Japan. I've eaten here several times for more than a decade. It's not unchanging. The menu has become more user-friendly, additional menu items have been added, and cost-cutting measures taken. Keep in mind that this is not a home-cooked sukiyaki or shabu shabu, but it's still makes for a great meal. A word of prior warning, the restaurant is not too foreigner-friendly, but you will get by with at least some Japanese knowledge.

Back in August of 1999 12 of us students made the journey to the Ikebukuro location several times. I discovered an additional location in 2003 during the Spring holiday. And finally was relieved to see more locations September 2009.

The deal is simple. You order the standard set tabehodai (all-you-can-eat) for around $15. Drinks are extra, but you can have tea. it does have a 90-minute time limit unlike many of the other nomihodai or cheaper establishments in the Kansai region. However in that period of time you can easiy have your fill as seen by the satiated fellow below.

If you've never eaten sukiyaki or shabu shabu before it's similar to the hot pot Chinese dishes. Sukiyaki is more of a simmering dish. The raw ingredients are brought out before you on a platter. You turn on the stove/hot plate in front of you, and then place the ingredients in the pot when it's heated up. Tofu takes a while to cook, and offers a slippery challenge for foreigners without chopstick mastery. Once the ingredients in the pot are done cooking it's a free-for-all to get it into your dish. Don't forget to crack open the egg in your dish and swish it around first! Don't worry about salmonella poisoning in Japan so much and go for it! It adds so much more to the sukiyaki experience.

If you're nervious about getting the waiter's attention to get more ingredients just shout out "sumimasen".

Price Range
Time Required
An hour or so

There are several Mo Mo Para locations throughout Tokyo.

The easiest location is the Takadanobaba location.


Is "sumimasen" like what we use here in Brooklyn : "Yo waiter!" ? LOL

I like this site a lot! Hope you keep traveling and sharing your tips!!