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It seems like all you do is update...

Oh, hey, an updated site. Any new content? No... Darn.

In other news, I was kind of sick of how things were looking and I needed to update the site before the next version of Drupal came out anyway. So time for a new look and feel. It's responsive.

In travel-related news, I actually traveled to some far-flung locations such as Germany... Yep, that's it. Disneyland isn't so far-flung, but I guess that counts as travel.


Hello, Strangers

The last 6 months have been a whirlwind of busy for me. But I haven't just been sitting still.

I do plan on writing up more destinations as soon as I can organize the photos from the trips. One of the things that has prevented me is the acquisition of an iPhone. This wonderous device has allowed me to ignore my digital camera and leave its bulk in the hotel room. Now I'm snapping terrible photos without any control of the destinations that I've traveled.


Phew... New Site Theme

I was never really satisfied with the theme I came up with earlier this year for the web site. The negative space of the background mostly put me off. The red color, which I thought was neat at first, along with the logo, just didn't seem to give off the right vibe. I decided to change the color scheme to be a bit cooler, and then retain a redish color elsewhere.

Actually, I thought about making the header color a bright red to kind of match the old color scheme. Then I toned it down to orange, and finally to what it is now.


What To Do On A Rainy Day

Sometimes the destination you plan on traveling to requires a sunny day. But what about rainy days?

Some locations are better than others for having indoor or alternate destinations. And then there are some locations where you're stuck wondering what to do. Phoenix, Arizona (and the surrounding cities) falls in this latter category. There is a lot to do outside. There are parks to hike in, desert gardens to appreciate, baseball games up the wazoo, and just general walking around. I really enjoy these destinations in Phoenix.


I hate airlines

I hate shopping for airline tickets online. The so-called "e-ticket" is the worst thing to happen to the passenger. Shopping for airline tickets is one of the least enjoyable things in my life. There are tons of web sites that offer competitive prices, but it's like they purposefully try to aggravate you into conceding defeat. I would rather do my taxes.

Airline Ticket Prices

Everyone has the lowest fare. Bullshit. Nobody has the lowest fare. Fares change so much over the months that they are available that the consumer is always going to lose. Here are your options:

non-refundable tickets